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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2; Year 2 children.


In Class 2, learning, in its broadest sense, is the key priority. We aim to ensure that the children are given every opportunity to achieve their best every day; so that their confidence and desire to succeed will grow, enabling them to fulfil their true potential as they continue their journey through school.  (Zachary: We do lots of fun school trips and our teachers are kind.)


It is our aim to nurture our children academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually; encouraging them to be curious, with a love of learning, and to provide them with a sense of aspiration that will prepare them well for life. Each child is valued, both as an individual, as well as a member of a team; this is reflected in our school values of Courage, Thoughtfulness, Thankfulness, Truthfulness, Humility and Friendship.  (Dolly: We care for each other.) (Eddie: You always have someone to play with.)


The core subjects are taught on a daily basis, through focused group and whole class activities. The children also have fun learning through play and investigation; working indoors and outdoors. We encourage independence, questioning, confidence and a desire to make decisions to drive their own learning forward.  (Olly: Our ‘Jobs to Do’ are fun and interesting.)


(Albie: I like doing Maths and fun Phonics and our teachers help us.) (Elijah: Please come to our class because it’s brilliant!)

Recent Events:



Rock Pooling Trip to Beer Beach


We spent a very enjoyable and interesting morning at the beach on Wednesday. The children were investigating the sea creatures that can be found in the rock pools. We did get down in time to wade through a few pools and some very diligent searching resulted in us finding crabs and shrimps as well as sea anemones.  We have followed this visit with work in Literacy about making fact files about sea creatures as well as designing ‘What am I?’ flaps; giving clues about some popular animals.

Class 2 Multiskills Festival


The focus of excitement this week was Class two’s Multi skills afternoon at Colyton Grammar. We joined Colyton Primary for any energetic afternoon of games to develop many different skills. The Colyton Grammar students designed and led a series of activities that had the children jumping, balancing, throwing and running. The children joined in with great enthusiasm and all of them pushed themselves to do their best. They were very well behaved and a real credit to the school.



Paignton Zoo Trip

On Friday, 42 excited children in classes 1 and 2 spent the day at Paignton Zoo. The visit is going to be a fantastic asset to our topic and the children saw a huge variety of interesting creatures from tiny ants to tall giraffes. The keepers at the zoo provided informal talks; talking to the children and showing them interesting artefacts. They returned to school with lots of questions answered and impressive memories of the day.



School Motto

“Growing Stronger Together”.


Courage, Truthfulness, Trust, Friendship, Thankfulness and Humility

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