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We are committed to the early identification of children with needs which are additional to or different from their peers. It is widely recognised that identifying need at the earliest point and then providing good interventions, improves long-term outcomes for the child or young person. When a child is not making adequate progress despite high quality first teaching we will investigate the reasons for this and identify potential barriers to learning.


For our commonly asked questions, please refer to a question below:


How do we identify children with SEND?

There are many ways that children may be identified:

  • Parents/carers – parents/carers may raise concerns regarding their child with the class teacher. These concerns will be recorded and investigated and any outcomes will be reported back to you.
  • Teachers – teachers may identify children by making observations of the child, analysing half termly assessment data or by noticing a lack of progress in an area of the curriculum. This will inform decisions regarding provision and will form the basis of discussions with the SENDCO.
  • SENDCO – the SENDCO will work alongside both the parent and the teacher to identify the child’s needs and to support the teacher in gathering information about the child’s progress, attainment and behaviour. Where appropriate, specific assessment tools may be used to identify specific needs.
  • External Agencies – where further advice is needed external agencies may be invited in to carry out more detailed and specialised assessments with the consent of the parent/carer.

What should I do if I think my child may have SEND?

If you have concerns about your child, in the first instance you should discuss them with the class teacher. If this is not possible or you feel your concerns are not being addressed then you should contact your Head of School.

The SENDCo is Mr I Randall.


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