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World Book Day Celebrations

Today the children have been working in their house groups to enjoy books around some of the UK’s most endangered species.


Bats:  David house have shared the book ‘ Bat loves the Night’ by Nicola Davies. Some children wrote information books on bats in groups. They worked beautifully together and produced some informative texts. Some children wrote a fact file choosing interesting facts about bats.  Other children chose to make bats using hand prints and spilt pins whilst some children wrote descriptive sentences inspired by the book we shared. They illustrated them with pictures using pastels, pencils and crayons.


Bees:  George house have had a beeeautiful morning, buzzily listening to the story of ‘The Bee Who Spoke’ by Al MacCuish and watching the story of ‘Bee and Me’ by Ellie J MacGuiness.  The children learned about how important bees are for our survival and made posters, life cycle pinwheels, bees and worked on fact sheets.


Dormice:  Andrew house read the story of ‘The Very Noisy Night’ where a mouse is worried by noises which make his fears and imagination run wild. The children used their imagination to think of other things the little mouse might be scared of and drew it in a thought bubble. On a separate page, they drew what it really was, for instance rain, passing cars etc. and made this into a ‘flap’ picture. We looked at 10 things you might not know about dormice and watched an instructional clip of how make a dormouse which the children did to finish the morning. Thank you to all the children for their support of each other and enthusiasm.


Hedgehogs:  Patrick house were Hedgehogs. We looked at why hedgehogs were endangered, where their habitats were and what their features were. We then wrote up the facts we had learned. We also made bookmarks out of Fimo and read a couple of stories: ‘Mrs Tiggywinkle’ by Beatrix Potter and ‘A Winter Hedgehog’ by Ann and Reg Cartwright.

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