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How will the school support my child’s transition to a new class or school?


  • When moving class the current and new class teachers will meet to discuss the children coming into the class. This will include sharing My Plans, successful strategies, barriers to learning and next steps.
  • When moving schools the SENDCo will contact the new school’s SENDCo to share SEND information prior to the move, once the child has moved your child’s SEND file will be sent to the school.
  • When moving to secondary education meetings will be held during the Summer Term to discuss all children with SEND. All children attend changeover days at some point during the Summer Term. The secondary school may wish to meet your child prior to transition, in this instance you will be informed and your consent will be needed. These meetings may result in additional visits to the secondary school for the child; however this is dependent on the needs of the child and the secondary school concerned, so may not apply in all cases.
  • Parents/carers of children with more complex needs may require earlier transitional preparation. The school’s SENDCO will support them in this process.

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