Church Schools

The Church of England’s purpose in its schools is providing a distinctive and effective education that reflects God’s love for humanity.  Church of England schools do not try to convert, but rather they give children from many walks of life the opportunity to learn within a Christian environment.  

Within the context of the Christian faith, we aspire to nurture the spiritual dimension in our children. We embed Christian values at the heart of school life. This is reflected in the behaviour, attitude and performance of learners and staff alike. Teachers go the extra mile on behalf of others and children show great empathy and support for each other.

At Beer C of E Primary School, Christian Values underpin our ethos and vision for our schools.  We follow the guidance from the Exeter Diocese for Religious Education (RE) and use the Understanding Christianity materials to support our RE teaching.  Collective Worship takes place every day; we carefully plan the themes for our Acts of Worship ourselves so that we can follow the interests and needs of children as well as ensure that Acts of Worship give time for reflection and response.

We also have excellent links with St. Michael’s Church Beer.  We are fortunate to be visited weekly by the Church -  once a fortnight by our committed vicar and once a fortnight by our fantastic Open The Book team who engage the children in hands on collective worship.