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Class 3 Graffiti art workshop

Just before Christmas we were fortunate to have printmaker Emma Moloney visit Class 3 to deliver a printing workshop around the theme of self-expression and graffiti art. The children were so engaged and enthusiastic making their own print rollers using foam scraps. Working on huge pieces of cardboard, the children then carefully rolled their inked-up rollers to design their own artwork. The results were incredible! The pieces were finished with some expressive paint strokes and the artist's own signature tag.  After an intense clean-up operation, we viewed our work in the gallery and discussed what we loved about each artwork and what made them unique. The children were incredibly articulate talking about how they felt while they made their art and how this was reflected in their design, and made connections between different aspects of their learning. A huge thank you to Emma who generously brought materials for the session and shared her time with us.


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